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Bhutan has a remarkable abundance of flora and fauna and is one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world. The terrain is incredibly rugged and there are huge variations in altitude. The northern regions of the country consist mostly of snowy mountains and glaciers but range from subalpine conifer forests to broadleaf forests in the central region and dense subtropical forests in the south. This wide-range of climatic conditions allows for an unparalleled array of vegetation and wildlife to thrive within Bhutan.There are countless varieties of rare plants and endangered animals living within our forests. Bhutan is also an ornithological hotspot with hundreds of rare and endangered birds inhabiting its lush forests.

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This birding tour starts in western Bhutan and moves to the central and south central districts with the opportunity to spot several dozen different species of birds in temperate and alpine vegetation. The tour combines cultural visits, short day hikes and camping close by birding spots to view the magnificent Rufous necked hornbill, the beautiful Nuthatch, the Sapphire flycatcher, the Grey headed parrotbill and Pygmy blue flycatcher.


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